Reflections 2018

Middle School (6-8th grade) / Photography:

Entry #1 : A Natural Heroe

Artists Statement :

My reflection is a picture of two roses.  It fits with the theme because flowers are heroes.  Flowers save the bees.  The bees are able to polinate the flowers and get food.  Without flowers we won’t have bees and without bees we won’t survive.  Bees are facing extinction and they rely on flowers to survive. In my eyes, I feel that flowers are heroes.

Intermediate ( 3rd – 5th Grade) Photography

Entry #1 – My Mom My Hero

Artists Statement : My mom helps around the house and is my hero because she gives me shelter, food, and clothing and she works for money that she spends on our food and clothing.  I am very greatfull for my mom.

Entry #2 – Heroes on the Track

Artists Statement : I have loved trains since I can remember.  My hero are the train egineers as I want to be when I grow up.  My favorite are mentrolink and amtrack.  To be in charge of driving passengers safely to diffrent places with ocean views looks like so much fun.

Primary (Pre-K-Grade 2) Visual Arts

Entry #1 – A Fire Truck -17×11 painted canvas with glitter paint and shiny confetti

Artists Statement : A fire truck protects us and the helicopter helps. thank you to the fire workers.

Entry #2 – A dog with a Job – 8.5×11 marker drawing on white paper mounted to black construction paper on cardboard

Artists Statement : I drew a picture of a dog with a job.  He helps people if they are blind.

Primary (Pre-K-Grade 2) Photography

Entry #1 – Look Both Ways!

Artists Statement :  I think she is a hero because she helps people cross the street safely to make sure nobody gets hurt. She is a hero to me.

Entry #2 – Cooking mom

Artists Statement : Because She Is a Good Cooker.  She Cooks Stuff for us then we Eat