Consider a Board Officer position for next year!

We are so thankful to the many new volunteers who stepped up this year to lead projects and programs for our PTA!  We now have strong teams and experienced volunteers for so many of our favorite activities, events and programs, such as Fall Festival, Book Fair, Yearbook, and more!   We will always continue to need new volunteers to learn about these programs and part of these teams!

But now it’s time to look for new volunteers to join our Executive Board!  This important Team keeps our PTA functioning and sets Big Picture Goals for what we want to accomplish!

Are we raising enough money to fund our goals?   Are our programs inclusive all of students, families, and grade levels?

How can we spend the money that our fundraisers generated to have the most benefit to our school campus, curriculum updates, exciting new STEAM Learning opportunities, and safety?

Want to work closer with our schools administration team to better understand how our teachers develop hands-on learning units and how our PTA can best support them?

How can we better structure our Board and Chair positions as our school and PTA continues to grow and change?


Our Board has 8 elected positions, and 1 appointed position.   We also have 4 other chair positions which work closely with our board.

Elections will take place at our March 5th meting.  At our January PTA Meeting, we will elect our “nominating committee”.   This committee will review interested candidates and put together a list of recommended candidates with advice from our principal and parliamentarian by February 5th.     This list is not final, as anyone can remove themselves, or nominate anyone, to the nominations during the Election on March 5th where the final election of each of the 8 positions will occur.

CLICK HERE to Download the Interest Form and Return to the Front office by January 29th – 2020boardpositioninterestsurvey

The elected positions (cannot be co-chaired and cannot serve more than 2 consecutive years in the same position) and their description is below:

President – prepares agendas and presides at our monthly meetings.   Also meets monthly with our principal and represents our school at district level meetings.

Treasurer – handles every transaction in and our of our PTA banking accounts and keeps detailed records.   Prepares monthly reports and annual tax filings.  Leads the Budget Committee in May.

Secretary – Takes minutes at our monthly meetings and presents them for review.

1st VP of Student Services – Board Liason to our Program Chairs for School and Staff supporting Programs such as Campus Improvements, Staff Appreciation, Yearbook and Photos, and Spirit Wear.

2nd VP of Parent Services – Board Liason to our Program Chairs for Family and Parent supporting Programs such as Family Fun Nights, Room Parent Coordination, etc.

3rd VP of Ways and Means – Board Liason to our Program Chairs for Fundraising Programs such as Jog-a-thon, Book Fair, Restaurant Nights, painless fundraisers, etc.

Auditor – Reviews the records of the Treasurer twice annually and presents report for review.

Historian – Tracks volunteer hours and accomplishments of our unit.  Presents annual report for review.