Funding Our School

Funds raised by our PTA are often given directly to our school and district to fund programs, facility improvements, or employ additional staff.

At Santiago, we believe in the importance of visual and performing arts, which is why our PTA funds special presentations and workshops for each class and grade level to learn and experiment.  Last year, we funded the “Meet the Masters” program, which sends art instructors to classrooms to teach them about historical artists and give them the opportunity to create a similar masterpiece.

Each Year, our PTA provides teachers with a reimbursement for school supplies purchased for their classrooms.   Last year, our PTA reimbursed over $2000 to our teachers for their classroom supplies.

Our PTA also covers the expense of our Computer Lab Assistants.  Last year, our PTA reimbursed the district to employ additional staff in the computer lab to assist students.

Student Planners: Last year, our PTA purchased student planners to help our students learn to be better organized in line with our AVID programs.

This year, our school is renovating our computer lab and library space, into one large room.  The new collaboration space will allow students to work on group projects with access to both computers and books in a more flexible space.   It is one of our fundraising goals for 2017-2018 to raise funds to help support the renovation improvements and new furniture and supplies.