Get Connected Online!


Get Connected Online


Bloomz is our private online community allowing Teachers and Staff to send out instant reminders and important messages straight to parents. You can access it through a desktop site or mobile app and receive instant Notifications to your devices. You can even send private messages to Teachers and other parents, and signup for volunteer slots requested by teachers and PTA organizers. Information on how to join Bloomz and the correct code to connect to your student’s class will be sent home during the first week of school and at Back to School Night.

Santiago PTA Facebook Group

If you are a Facebook user, you might want to join our PTA Facebook group. We will be posting reminders about our events, and ways you can support our painless fundraisers. We will also be posting a variety of educational articles to assist with Santiago’s discussion topics of Digital Citizenship, Character Development Traits, and the transition to the new English Language Program Curriculum. (photos of students will not be posted on the group page without parent permission)

SVUSD Parent Portal

If you are a new parent or have recently registered a new sibling, you may want to make sure your Parent Portal account is up to date. This tool is used to track student attendance, test results, and district records. You can contact the Santiago office staff to receive the verification code for your student.

K12 Meals

Instead of sending your student to school with lunch money, consider creating an online account with K12 Meals so that your student may simply enter their student ID number when purchasing lunch. You can pre-purchase meals using a credit card and set low balance reminders or have it automatically replenish when the balance is low.

Amazon Smile

If you already have an Amazon account, you can easily specify Santiago to be the recipient of Smile donations. Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase to our PTA. Your purchase will only apply if you sign in from the amazonsmile.com page and make sure the smile banner is at the top of the page when you checkout.


If you are a frequent shopper at Ralphs, you can specify that Santiago PTA as the recipient of reward donations. Ralphs/Kroger will donate a percentage of your purchase to our PTA. Your purchase will only apply if you use your Ralphs card when you checkout. You MUST re-specify Santiago PTA as your recipients every September. Please wait until September 1st to re-enroll each year.

Communities for Cause

There are many small businesses in Lake Forest and our surrounding cities that will give a small donation to our school if you simply take the time to submit a photo of your receipt through this mobile app. Download the app Communities for Cause and register Santiago PTA as your charity. You will be able to browse a variety of restaurants and services in the area that you may already be using. Simply photograph your receipt and submit it through the app.


LifeTouch is the photographer used for both fall and spring school photos, and the publisher of our annual yearbooks. You can use the lifetouch website to order print or digital packages of your students photos. You may also submit photos of your student and classmates to our yearbook album which will be used by our yearbook committee. Our PTA Yearbook committee members will use the online tools to layout the pages for our yearbook. Please consider joining this committee.