Title 1 funds benefit all students

Title I Programs
Santiago Elementary School receives additional funds from the state for school improvement in the form of Title I funds.  Additional funds give representative staff members and parents an opportunity to work together to plan educational objectives that support the academic program for all students.

The School Site Council is a group of teachers, parents, and classified employees that work with the principal to develop, review and evaluate school improvement programs and school budgets.  Our School Site Council has selected a variety of programs aimed at improving student academic achievement.  The School Site Council (SSC) representation changes annually and new parent members are actively recruited.

Below, is a listing and description of several programs chosen to boost academic achievement.  Some of these programs are available to all students, while others are aimed specifically at English Learners.  The Council aims to direct 50% of funds to programs that benefit all students, and 50% of funds to programs that assist English Learners.  Most of the items listed below are used in all classrooms to benefit all students.