Jog-A-Thon Details! Click Here!

Our Annual Jog-a-thon “Santiago Olympics: Go For the Gold!” will be this Friday April 20th!

Each class will be representing the country below and you are encouraged to dress in the country colors (along with your jog-a-thon shirt if you ordered one,  which will be distributed this week).  Class with the most country SPIRIT gets an Ice Cream Party!  Wear colored socks, hats/hair accessories, have fun, just make sure they can safely run!  See country colors below!

All students can participaten the run regardless of pledges turned in.  Activity  Permission Slips will come home again for students who have still not turned them in.  We also could use more volunteers to be lap markers during all run times.  You are welcome to bring your families and sit on the field to cheer on your students and classes!  Turn in a Shout Out form for $5 to have DJ Jaimie shout out fun words of encouragement to your runner over the music!  Shout out forms are available in the office and due Tuesday April 16th!

All pledges are due Friday April 20th.  You can turn in cash or checks made payable to Santiago PTA to the front office clearly marked with the students name and teacher.  You can create a pledgestar account at www.pledgestar.com/santiago to send requests to your family, friends, and facebook so they can pledge online!

$50 in pledges earns a Fidget Spinner.  $100 in pledges earns a Rubiks Cube plus fidget spinner.  $250 earns Slime or Art Kit plus lower level prizes.  $500 receives tickets to either Big Air, Luv2Play, Discovery Cube, or $20 amazon gift card.    $750 receives a Drone or remote control vehicle.   $1000 in pledges will receive a Nintendo Switch!

3 top fundraising winners win tickets to Sea World, Magic Mountain, and Aquarium of the Pacific.

Here are the runtimes and class countries/colors:

8:30-9:00: 2nd grade

Escutia(2) – Mexico –  Green/White/Red

Whitesides(2) – Turkey – Red/White

9:00-9:30: 1st grade

Quon(1) – Mongolia – Red/Blue/Yellow

Estrada(1) – Netherlands – Red/White/Blue

9:30 – 10:00: 4th grade + Miles

Hughes(4) – Thailand – Red/White/Blue

Miles(1-6) – Ireland – Green/White/Orange

10:15 – 10:45: Kindergarten

Bouas(K) – Bahamas –  Black/Yellow/Aqua

Lebus(K) – Italy – Green/White/Red

10:45 – 11:15 : 3rd grade

Lisardo(3) – Australia – Red/White/Blue

Blackmore(3) – England – Red/White

11:15 – 11:45 : 4/5th and 5th grade

McDougall(5) – Greece – Blue/White

Leonard(4&5) – Germany – Black/Red/Yellow

11:45 – 12:15 : 6th grade

Marques/Mills(6) – Cayman Islands – Red/White/Blue

Mirth(6) – France – Red/White/Blue