PTA Projects during Distance Learning

Due to the closure of the school campus for the remainder of the school year, all PTA Events and Gatherings have been cancelled. Our PTA is in great shape to weather this storm and begin fresh next year when gatherings and events are permitted. We are fortunate to have already elected next years’ board of officers:

President : Liz Gibson
Treasurer : Kelly Gould
Secretary : Lisa Oh
1st VP of Student Services : Rozie Sundstedt
2nd VP of Parent Services : Ronni Rodriguez
3rd VP of Ways and Means: Kelly Westrich
Historian: Jennifer Little-Skokezny
Auditor: Charlene Kramer

Yearbooks will be completed and distributed at a later time. Our Yearbook Committee led by Ms McKenna has already collected a variety of fun photos from each class. We are looking for fun and action photos from variety school clubs, such as student council, yearbook, talent show, PTA, and staff to complete where we were unable to take full group photos. We are also looking for parent volunteers to do some busy work of uploading the images files and placing them into the online page templates.

The school Talent Show will be completed as a montage of video clips sent in of students performing their act at home. Please send these into Ms Higgins.

We welcome your ideas for celebrating Staff Appreciation Week, 6th grade Promotion, and keeping parents and students interacting online during distance learning and potentially into the summer.

Our PTA Board and Coordinators will continue to meet online and discuss ways we can help our community and prepare for next years activities, if you would like to be involved with this, or have any ideas or comments, please email info@santiagopta.com