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New! Join Facebook Groups to connect with other Parents at your Grade Level!

Santiago STEAM Parents are very Active on Facebook!    Here are some great ways to stay connected to the last announcements and reminders from the PTA!    We also have private “closed” Facebook groups for each of our grade levels for parents to get to know each other and discuss how to bring our community closer.


Public PTA Page – Santiago STEAM Magnet PTA


Closed Group – Santiago STEAM Parents – Social

Closed Group – Santiago STEAM Parents – Discussion


For Security concerns, the moderators of the below groups may ask you to provide evidence of enrollment.

20-21 Kindergarten Families

20-21 1st Grade Families

20-21 2nd Grade Families

20-21 3rd Grade Families

20-21 4th Grade Families

20-21 5th Grade Families

20-21 6th Grade Families