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PTA Membership

Community is the number one goal for the Santiago STEAM Magnet PTA this year. We’re working on programs and activities that can support and foster relationships between classmates and teachers, connect families, and encourage outreach to the community we live in. Anyone can join the PTA: parents, students, grandparents, neighbors, etc. You can make a difference at our school for a small contribution of $12 per membership.

There are so many reasons to become a PTA Member!

  • Vote at your PTA Meetings!
  • Participate in conversations about PTA programs and activities
  • Meet new people and form friendships
  • Advocate for students
  • Innovate and bring new ideas to the group
  • Join or lead a committee that you’re interested in
  • Run for an elected position on your school or district PTA Board
  • Receive a Variety of Discounts from Local and National Sponsors (details below)
  • Make a difference in the Santiago STEAM Community


PTA will be accepting Online Payments for 2021-2022:

1. Join PTA online with the Totem PTA Portal!  Digital membership cards, quick links to benefits, and a yearly reminder to renew. There is an additional $1 fee.  This option is preferred as it removes paperwork and transaction processing tasks from our PTA volunteers, especially during these unprecedented times.

2. Stay tuned for secure credit/debit/paypal transactions through our new online shopping cart (Coming soon)


Member Perks   

Benefits and Discounts provided by organizations across Orange County, California, and Nationwide!

Please click HERE to see CAPTA Membership Perks.

Please click HERE to see 4th District PTA Membership Perks.

Please click HERE to see National PTA Membership Benefits.