Raise Craze – The Kindness Challenge Fundraiser

Raise Craze has completed. THANK YOU!!!

We want to thank everyone who participated in this amazing event. The kindness paid forward and the support of our community was overwhelming. Together, we raised $8,425 of which 93% will go directly to the Santiago PTA with a net total of $7,827. Our students completed a whopping 265 Acts of Kindness. 
We had students creating neighborhood food drives, reading to younger kids, paying it forward to first responders, painting kindness rocks, creating video content to encourage friends to wear masks, and so much more! This was just the beginning. We’re continuing to learn that students were so inspired that they continued to pay their kindness forward even after the close of the fundraiser. Kindness is a skill that creates so many positives for both the giver and receiver, and we are so proud of the kindness that we’ve seen in our students.
Top Fundraiser:
Lincoln I – Raised $700
Winner of a ChromeBook
Runner Up:
Maxwell C – Raised $680 
WInner of a $100 Target Gift Card
We’d like to pay special recognition to the following students who showed an above and beyond approach to committing to their Acts of Kindness, and are receiving certificates as Kindness Heros!
Abigail B
Alex K
Lucas C
Maxwell C
Owen G
1st Grade:
Elodie S
Griffin T
Khaleel K
Vivian C
Wyatt G
2nd Grade:
Cooper H
Dylan V
Julien G
Lincoln I
Presley C

3rd Grade:
Tatiana S
4th Grade: 
Gaby A

5th Grade:
Carolina C
6th Grade:
Daniela A
While we don’t have an exact date for delivery of prizes, we expect to get them dispersed early 2021. If you qualify for a Spirit Wear prize, we have sent you an email. Please respond as soon as possible with your child’s youth clothing size. 
School Wide Prizes:
Since we surpassed the $7,000 fundraising goal, Mr. Johnston is going to pay us back by doing some CRAZE-Y punishments. He’s going to dye his hair GREEN and EAT A BUG!!! Please be on the lookout for Mr. Johnston this Wednesday to catch a glimpse of what he’s willing to do to inspire his students. As part of the agreement, he documented the whole event on video, so both hybrid and distance learners can get in on the fun. Enjoy the video here, and feel free to watch his CRAZE-Y punishment over and over and over and over. ๐Ÿ™‚
Again, thank you so much to everyone who participated. Your kindness and support of the PTA, the school and the community is what brings us all together and makes us so strong. Congratulations on making such a huge impact on the community. One small act of kindness creates an endless ripple. 


November 4th through November 20th

What is Raise Craze?

Raise Craze is a fundraising program to teach our kids kindness and empathy by paying it forward. It is a meaningful, interactive fundraiser where students collect donations online via a secure, custom website then show their appreciation by serving others and completing random acts of kindness. In other words, students spend time serving, not selling! Raise Craze is funding through kindness. Watch this video to see how it works:


How to get started:

1. Register and create a profile for each student.
2. Choose 3 acts of kindness or other ways you plan to be kind.
3. Enter email addresses of friends and family to share your child’s acts of kindness, and give them an opportunity to donate to the school.
Get CRAZE-Y!!! Take pictures. Check off acts of kindness. Have fun!

Individual Rewards!


School wide Rewards!

With kindness, we can all make a difference. Funds donated to our PTA directly impact students through classroom funding, library and innovation lab improvements, school improvement projects, and programs that connect and engage our community of students and families.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Will donations still go to the school if my child doesn’t complete their acts of kindness (AOK)?
A: Of course. All donations will be processed through Raise Craze whether or not your child completes their acts of kindness. However, we hope they’ll be inspired to spread kindness anyway.
Q: Can I just donate money, and not sign up my child for the website?
A:  Yes, of course. We always accept donations through PayPal, to paypal@santiagopta.com. Please note your child’s name and class when making a donation for our records.
Q: Do I have to donate money?
A: Of course not. All donations are voluntary. In order to accumulate rewards, you child must still create their own page on the Raise Craze website, and complete the designated boxes for prizes. We encourage you to enter as many friends and families’ email addresses as possible, to optimize the likelihood of receiving donations on your child’s behalf. 
Q: Can we combine our children’s donations to be eligible for bigger prizes?
A: Unfortunately, no.  All donations to a child’s page will count towards their goals, and may not be combined with their siblings.