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Virtual Field Trips & Demonstrations: Solar Art

Santiago STEAM Magnet is proud to present our Virtual Field Trips and (Cool) Demonstrations program. At Santiago STEAM, our students are asked to think outside of the box to solve problems and innovate solutions. Our students are preparing to be leaders in their community and to push boundaries in their future endeavors. Here, local businesses are working with our PTA to bring the future of STEAM education to a reality, by providing a behind the scene’s look into exciting careers that can be gained with the aid of a STEAM education.

Our first field trip is to Solar Art, which is a residential & commercial window film solutions company. They install 5 different kinds of films.

  1. Solar window film – Sunglasses for your home or building
  2. Security Film – Keeps glass from hurting people if it breaks
  3. Graffiti Film – Makes the glass harder to scratch
  4. Decorative Films – Changes the look of glass so people can’t see thought it
  5. Graphic Films – Adds designs onto any surface. Solar Art will demonstrate how this works below. 

Graphic design uses visual compositions to solve problems and communicate ideas through typography, imagery, color and form. It can be almost anywhere you turn your gaze. It’s a label on a box of cereal, a logo on a restaurant, and even the layout of a school spirit week poster. We’re inundated with messages all day, and usually don’t even realize it. Since it’s everywhere we look, it’s even more important that skilled designers can convey a client’s message in a way that gets them noticed.

Solar Art was kind enough to design and wrap our corn hole toss game boards that we usually bring out during our Fall Festival. Take a look at how this skilled team goes through the design process. Starting with input from the client, to design, to preparing the boards and the image, to printing, and finally to wrapping the boards.



Respond to the Field Trip:

After finishing your first virtual field trip with Solar Art, we want to see your reaction to the experience. What skills do you already possess that make you think you could be a graphic designer? Can you draw a picture to convey a message? Create a collage that tells a story? You can even write a thank you letter and send it to Solar Art for putting together this field trip and wrapping our corn hole boards. Don’t they look great? All students who participate and respond to virtual field trips will get a participation button.

Upload form for responses: Click Here to Fill out the Response Form and claim your participation button







Solar Art
23042 Mill Creek Drive
Laguna Hills, CA 92653


If you own or work for a local company that would like to provide a field trip for our STEAM students, please get more information HERE.

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