Yearbook Photo Submissions

56 Color Pages!  We need your Photos for the Yearbook!

Our Yearbook Team would like to receive 3 or more photos of each student!

  1. A Great Head Shot – or we will use last years lifetouch photo
  2. An “Action” photo of your student participating in Distance, Hybrid, or Async Time
  3. Photo of your student participating in school wide activity such as a Raise Craze Act of Kindness, Crazy Hair Day, Spirit Wear Day, etc
  4. Photo of how other school services are different this year (P.E., Music, Library, Lunch, Recess, Pickup/Dropoff, etc)
  5. Photos of STEAM Projects and Project Based Learning Activities that have made you STEAM Proud of our amazing Teachers!
  6. Sixth Graders please submit a baby/childhood photo and a parent dedication of up to 40 words.

Use this Google Form to Upload an Image NOW!


Yearbook Sections

1) Tall Portraits for Students and Staff (Class Pages)

For various reasons, it has been decided to NOT have a School Picture Day, so we are looking for your Students BEST HOME SMILE!

Already have a great vertical Head Shot of your Student?  Great! Upload it!   

We don’t care if it’s professional or candid, indoor or outdoor, we just want your students best smile! 

Don’t have one yet?   Just take a look a these examples.  Include the students entire head, but do NOT include other people, animals, objects, or hand gestures.  Find a plain, distant or non-distracting background

If you do not supply a photo, we will use the school picture taken the previous year.  New students who do not provide a photo would be listed in the yearbook with a blank image.

2) Classroom Candids (Class Pages)

Regardless of whether your classroom is at home or on campus, we want to see your student actively learning, building, drawing, collaborating and having fun. We can use screenshots of any program except for Zoom.

3) Ignite Night, STEAM & Project Based Learning

In absence of Ignite Night, we want to showcase the AMAZING PBL and STEAM work of our teachers!    We will focus a half-page on each grade level to show the exciting projects and ways that Project Based Learning and STEAM have been worked into distance and hybrid curriculum!   Share a photo of a project that made you Santiago STEAM Proud!

4) School-wide contests and PTA Activities

Scarecrow Art Contest, Red Ribbon Week, Raise Craze Acts of Kindness, Let’s show our New Spirit Wear,  School pride and fun activities during the year!

5) Celebrating our Graduating 6th Graders!

Let’s Highlight our 6th graders!  Do you have any photos of our sixth graders over the past 7 years at Santiago? Lets show how they have grown together over their time at Santiago.      You may also submit a Baby/Childhood Photo and Dedication – Please upload one image (which could be your own collage of smaller images) and a Dedication up to 40 words (see example layout)

6) Time Capsule

Let’s Document this very different year of schooling!

All-day Distance Learning!  Take Home Lunches!  PE and Music on Zoom!  Daily Temperature Checks! 

Please send us photos that give a great example of how school was different this year.  We can use screenshots of most computer programs, but not zoom.