Dad's Club

Dad’s Club: Tire Seat Picture Tutorial

Tire Seats for Outdoor Learning Spaces

Making a tire seat is a great way to give back and do something for/with Santiago STEAM Students. Simply call your local tire repair shop and ask them if you can pick up 2 tires (per chair). They’ll be happy to donate. You’ll also need a drill and drill bit, four 1/2″x1.5″ bolts with washers and nuts. Two cans of spray pain.  34-40 feet of rope. 

Step One:

Wash those tires! Little soap, water and elbow grease. (Excellent task for the kids. Make sure they’re wearing grubbies.)


Step Two:

Mark where you’ll be drilling your holes. You’re making 32 equally spaced holes. You will also need 4 holes on the bottom to bolt the two tires together later. Plus a few water drainage holes. The second tire will need 4 holes on the top to bolt the tires together, plus drainage holes on both sides. (Please note that we used a smaller drill bit and then went back to make larger holes. These are pictures with the smaller holes).

Step Three: 

Drill those holes! We let the kids do some with supervision. We used a 5/8 in. paddle (spade) bit. You could potentially use a hole saw too.

Step Four:

Paint tires a fun color. Remember that not all of the surfaces will be shown. Two tires will be screwed together, and one surface will be on the ground. In the end we pretty much painted the whole thing and had to use 2 cans of spray paint.

Step Five:

Thread that rope. You’ll need 34 feet of rope, but should probably get 40 feet just to be safe. We used 3/8 in. rope. Thread a bit of the rope into the tire, and then tie a knot or two. Now count 8 holes, and leave those holes empty. Thread through the 9th hole. Pull up the rope from the 10th hole, and then thread across to the tire. Once you’ve made 8 lines, thread the other way weaving over under until all the holes are threaded. Then tie a knot and cut off the excess.

Step Six:

Bolt the tires together. You will need four 1/2 in. x 1.5 in. bolts and corresponding washer and nuts. Attach the two tires. 

Step Seven: 

You’re done! Let the kids test them out for comfort and fun. Call the front office at the school and make an appointment to drop off your newly created masterpiece. Thank you for supporting the school and the PTA.