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Message From the PTA President – Welcome to 2021

Hello Santiago STEAM Magnet Families,

Happy New Year and welcome back to the second half of the school year!
First of all, I want to congratulate all the parents, teachers and students for their enthusiasm focused on the school, the PTA, and students well being during a truly difficult year. One goal the PTA has this year is to increase community involvement and decrease isolation. I have been approached (virtually) by many parents who have told me we’re doing a great job and they appreciate all the hard work. Being a part of a community that bands together and asks “what’s next?” is more than anyone can ask for given the current circumstances.
Moving forward, we would like to build on the momentum and continue to create events, contests and experiences that bring the community together. We need help to build these programs and make them run smoothly. So if you’ve been thinking about getting involved, but you’re not sure how, reach out. I can always think of something we need help with. Making signs, building something, creating graphics to promote events, reaching out to the local business community for help, grant writing, etc.  Whatever talents you have to bring to the table, let us know! You may email me directly if you would like to help out! Volunteerism and activism from our community is what makes our PTA so strong. 

If you haven’t been to our website before, or this is your first time back in a while, WELCOME. We’ve expanded and updated a lot of our website to include family resources, PTA programs, tools for hybrid and distance learning, and school updates. Please take a moment to click through the different areas of the site to see if you can find information or events that would be helpful to your family. Below are a few sections that I would like to highlight. Following that, I’ve added the PTA To-Do List, and I hope you check that out too.

Thank you for your interest, involvement and support of the Santiago STEAM Magnet PTA.

Liz Gibson – President

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot. Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”  – The Lorax by Dr. Seuss


PTA Programs:

  • Spirit Buttons: This year, whenever a student participates in certain PTA programs, they receive a School Spirit Participation Button. It costs nothing to students, and is really fun to collect them all. We hope that students realize that it doesn’t matter if they win a contest or are the top fundraiser for the school. Participating, being brave, trying something new, or joining the Santiago team is our main goal. If you’re a student at Santiago STEAM Magnet, then you’re a part of our community, and we want you to join in!
  • Virtual Field Trips and Demonstrations is a fabulous new program that we’re just getting up and running. We’re looking for local businesses that want to take us on a behind the scenes tour of their facility to inspire our students to explore jobs in STEAM fields. Students will then be encouraged to respond to these videos with inspiration. Maybe they’ll draw a picture, write a poem or short story, or maybe they’ll invent something that goes along with the demonstration they saw. Whatever they come up with, we want our students to think about what happens next. You can find the current field trip HERE. I also recently added two additional field trips that aren’t local, but they’re fun. Slime in Space and Front Street Animal Shelter. Feel free to watch them alongside your kiddos. Those who submit responses to field trips will receive a Virtual Field Trip & Demonstrations spirit button at the end of the year. You can find all the virtual field trips here:
  • Yearbook Committee is already working on several aspects of the yearbook. They are collecting submissions to have a yearbook that will cover many areas from this crazy year, and students can cherish for years to come. For more information on submitting pictures to the yearbook, and what the committee is working on, go here If you would like to volunteer your time and skills, please let us know. We’ll need people who are experienced in photo shop or layout design programs, but would also love some ‘whatever you need, I can help complete tasks’ people. If you’re able to volunteer, great! Please email and let us know how you think you can help, or we can find something and put you to work!
  • Dad’s Club is a chance to help the school and the PTA if you’re not quite sure how to get involved. Basically we task them with projects that Dad’s are stereotypically more likely to get into. Helping to build things for the school. Setup and clean up for events. Etc. We are fully inclusive. So you don’t need to be male or a dad. You can be a neighbor, grandparent, sibling, etc., but we do want to model that men care just as much as women when it comes to education, participation and being part of the community. The first Dad’s Club project has been posted. We’re building tire seats to use for outdoor learning environments. You can find a DIY video, and picture tutorials, including one from my family through this link. If you have more ideas for Dad’s Club, and would like to be more involved, please email me at
  • PTA Board elections are coming up for the 2021-2022 school year. If you like to help create programs that will benefit the school and students, enjoy figuring out how to make crazy ideas come to life, or you have some amazing skills like keeping track of money, taking great notes, or are a paperwork aficionado, this might be a good fit for you! You can fill out an online form on the PTA website to submit your interest in various positions. Don’t be shy. If you’re a go getter or organized, or just a fun person who likes to pitch in, you should apply! All of the job descriptions and information about the board are available through this link:
  • STEAMroll Forward will be a new contest coming this spring. Students will be challenged to create STEAM inspired entries that show the idea of moving forward. It’s been a rough year. What will your student enter to show with a STEAM education, the direction is always moving forward?

Sixth Grade Parents or Advocates:

  • If you are a 6th grade parent or advocate, I encourage you to form a 6th Grade Committee to plan and execute something special to celebrate the end of the year, and to send your kids onto the next chapter of their lives. It’s up to you to raise your own funds and plan something memorable, but the PTA is here to help. We’re happy to help promote your fundraisers, put out information via our social media and website, or help in other ways. Please let us know how.

Family Resources and Wellness:

Distance Education and Supporting Families:

  • Local Library information
  • Tips for hybrid and distance learning
  • Every Kid outdoors offers free entrance to National Parks for 4th graders and their family


Here is your Back-to-School To Do List from PTA:

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