Check-In Tuesdays

Check In Tuesdays: Building Empathy

Building Empathy

It’s important to understand that other people have feelings and experiences that color the way they act or respond to us. Building empathy can help kids understand how others are feeling, and how to be a good friend. Everyone has different feelings and emotions! This video explains the concept of empathy and how to show empathy to our peers.

You’re excited to go on a rollercoaster, but your friend isn’t. Your classmate wants to perform in the school play, but you don’t. People often have different feeling about the same things—and that’s OK! When we have empathy, we look at the world from other people’s perspectives and understand how they’re feeling. This song gives examples of what it means to show empathy. Watch as our characters notice when their friends are feeling differently than they are, “put themselves in their shoes” and do things to help them feel better.

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