Alternative Valentine’s Day Activities For Kids

I know many of our students look forward to having Valentine’s Day at school and exchanging gifts and cards.  Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we are having to find other ways to share in this holiday.  Here are some ideas that you can do with your child(ren) this upcoming Valentine’s Day:


Send a Valentine’s Day Card to a Child in a Hospital:  Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and St. Jude’s are providing free Valentine’s Day cards to send to children at their hospitals.  Have your child write a special card to another child at one of these hospitals or both!  

                     Link:    CHLA Valentine’s Day Card  

Link:  St. Jude Valentine’s Day Card


Write special messages to neighbors & friends with chalk:  Have your child write special messages to their neighbors and friends outside your home with chalk wishing passerby’s a Happy Valentines Day!


Send Valentine’s e-cards to friends and family:  You may not be able to exchange physical cards but if you have your friend’s or family’s email addresses, you can send e-cards!  For younger students, parents can exchange email contacts and send e-cards to their friends!  Any reason to work on writing in full sentences!


Valentine’s Art projects:  There are so many Valentine’s Day art projects from making and decorating hearts!  One of my favorite projects is making “heart-shaped” or whatever shaped crayons.  I’m sure your little student has a lot of broken crayons in their backpack.  Turn those crayons into heart shaped crayons.  Here is a YouTube video on how to make heart-shaped crayons:  YouTube Heart Shaped Crayon Video


Valentine’s Day Food (that’s not candy!):  If you are still working on that Halloween and Christmas candies and looking for alternative food options – how about making Valentine’s Day dinner special with a heart shaped pizza and chocolate fondue!  

  • Heart Shaped Pizza – A couple of local restaurants are offering special heart shaped pizza specials for Valentine’s Day.  You can also have your child make their own heart shaped pizza by either making or buying pizza dough, shaping it as a heart and then having them put their own pizza toppings! Yum!
  • Chocolate Fondue – This is a great option for dessert where your children can dip fresh fruit (strawberries, apples, bananas, kiwis, oranges) and have fun while dipping the fruit in chocolate.  Check out an Easy Chocolate Fondue Youtube Video on how to make Chocolate Fondue!


Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!