STEAM Rises Up Contest

This is your chance to use STEAM skills to show or tell us how you overcame challenges, and were lifted up this year!


The Deadline for Submissions has closed. We’re so impressed by all the entries and the perseverance exhibited by our students!! Winners will be announced in Bloomz, and posted here in early May after judging has completed.


To Parents: We would like students to reflect on what they went through this year and celebrate the very things that helped them rise up this year. Our kids have overcome challenges and carried on through hardships in a way that seems unfathomable at their age, but they did it! Have them use this contest to tell, show or demonstrate how they persevered. Guide them to participate so they may honor their successes, recognize their journey, and embrace how much they grew and learned this year.

Students: Use your STEAM skills to write, illustrate, or demonstrate how this year you embodied the idea that STEAM Rises Up.

Questions you might ask yourself before starting are: What was most challenging about this year? How did you get by when times were tough? How can you show us? What did success look like? How did it feel? What path did you take? When did you see the light at the end of the tunnel? What have you learned? How did you feel at the beginning of the year and how do you feel now? What have you accomplished this year that you’re most proud of and why? What raised you up?


There will be several prize categories. Students may submit something completely original, or enter their own work from a class project if it fits in with the theme and shows their point of view.  We want everyone to submit something they’re proud of or that helps tell their personal story of perseverance. Students may enter more than one category if they would like to express themselves in more ways, but they’re only eligible to win one prize.


Three Categories:

  1. Written
    • Write an autobiographical poem or short story to tell us how you found success, grew as a person or persevered. No more than 350 words. Students must complete this alone.
  2. Art
    • Show us through art how you persevered. You may paint, draw, sculpt or model, but when you’re finished, please take a well lit picture of the completed art piece. Please include a description of the art, or make a short 2 minute video, about how it represents the idea that you, the STEAM Student, Rises Up to challenge. Students must complete this alone.
  3. Demonstration or Project
    • Showcase your journey this year and how you persevered. You may do this in the form of a demonstration or a picture collage. Live demonstrations should be submitted as a video under 4 minutes. Picture collages of work should include a description of what you’re showing and the meaning behind it in less than 150 words. In both cases, the components in your video or collage should tell most of the story. Parents and family may work together and help, but the idea must come from the student.


How do I enter?

You may enter by clicking on this link: STEAM Rises Up Contest Submission Form. The  submission window will be March 29th – April 19th. Please note that the parameters for entries were intentionally left open so that all students are able to find something they feel happy to enter. If you have issues submitting your entry, please email steamrisesup@santiagopta.com. If you have additional questions about the contest, email ptapresidentsantiagosteam@gmail.com

Can I enter more than one category?

Yes. If you have more to express feel free to submit entries in more than one category. However, you can’t win a prize for more than one category.

Why should I enter?

School Pride. All entries or photographs of entries will be displayed on campus during the 2021-2022 school year to welcome and energize students about the STEAM program, ingenious thinkers and thoughtful spirit of our community. At Santiago STEAM Magnet, we don’t just get by, STEAM raises us up to face challenges and take on the next step with courage and determination!

Are there other incentives?

All Students will receive a STEAM Rises Up Spirit Button, and a free kids meal to Panda Express!

Yes, but can I earn prizes??


Prizes will be determined by category and number of entrants. A very popular category could be divided up for numerous prizes, while less popular categories may have a single prize

Prize structure is TBD but will include various quantities of Amazon gift cards. As well as trophies and certificates. Top winners will be announced to the school by Mr. Johnston! 

Who’s judging?

Teacher/Staff Judges:

  1. Debbie Iway – 4th Grade Teacher Aficionado
  2. Sylvia Brown – 6th Grade Crackerjack Teacher
  3. Heather Lebus – World Class Kindergarten Teacher

Local Business Community Judges:

  1. Sarah Eley – Owner, Agileient & Creator of Kurb N Go app
  2. Jerry Johnson – Co-Owner, Nesh Design and Media
  3. TBD

PTA Judges: 

  1. Robert Sherlock – PTA Member
  2. Stacie Aguesse – Garden Committee Chair
  3. Michele Raffanello – Social Media Committee Chair
  4. Rozie Sundstedt – VP Student Services
  5. Charlene Kramer – Treasurer
  6. Liz Gibson – President

Tie Breaker:

  1. Mr. Johnston – Principal Extraordinaire



Inspiration to get started: