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Virtual Field Trips & Demonstrations: Irvine Ranch Water District

Santiago STEAM Magnet is proud to present our Virtual Field Trips and (Cool) Demonstrations program. At Santiago STEAM, our students are asked to think outside of the box to solve problems and innovate solutions. Our students are preparing to be leaders in their community and to push boundaries in their future endeavors. Here, local businesses are working with our PTA to bring the future of STEAM education to a reality, by providing a behind the scene’s look into exciting careers that can be gained with the aid of a STEAM education.

This next field trip is with the Irvine Ranch Water District to learn about Science Communication.

The Irvine Ranch Water District has a team of science communicators who highlight programs and projects related to drinking water, sewage treatment, groundbreaking recycled water programs and environmentally sound urban runoff treatment for more than 390,000 residents.

 Learn to be a science communicator:

Are you passionate about engaging the community? Are you an excellent writer or artist? Do you love to wrap your head around the details of complex projects and translate them into easy-to-understand outreach materials and presentations? If so, you might be the perfect candidate for the job of science communicator! Focusing on community outreach and engagement, science communicators work with graphic artists, photographers, educators, and social media specialists charged with informing customers and the public.

Communicating how to use water efficiently is not only a science but an art. Science communicators are committed to providing the community with reliable and clear information. They respond to media inquiries, arrange for interviews and media tours, disseminate information through news releases and fact sheets, arrange for news conferences, and keep the news media informed during emergencies. Science communicators also provide information on policy issues and facilitate interviews. 

Watch this video where you’ll meet a science communicator. You might just realize that your love of science and art is leading to a future STEAM career.


Respond to the Field Trip:

After finishing your first virtual field trip with the Irvine Ranch Water District, we want to see your reaction to the experience. What skills do you already possess that make you think you could be a science communicator? Can you draw a picture to convey a message? Take a picture to tell a story? Perhaps you’d like to share what you learned in the video. You can even write a thank you letter and send it to the Irvine Ranch Water District for putting together this field trip.  All students who participate and respond to virtual field trips will get a participation button.

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Mailing Address

Irvine Ranch Water District
P.O. Box 57000
Irvine, CA 92619-7000


If you own or work for a local company that would like to provide a field trip for our STEAM students, please get more information HERE.