STEAM Rises Up Winners & Honorable Mentions

STEAM Rises Up Contest Results:

Congratulations to everyone who entered the STEAM Rises Up Contest.

We are so happy to announce that all the entries into the STEAM Rises Up Contest were high quality submissions and truly impressive. We were moved by the reminder that our kids went through something tough this year, just like adults, and persevered in extraordinary ways. Thank you for taking time to talk to your kids about their experiences this past year, and sharing their successes with us. Reframing perspectives to focus on positive aspects is an important tool that will benefit our students for the rest of their lives.

Judging was very difficult!! Most of the entries were judged by a panel made up of a small business owner, a teacher, and 2 PTA members. The Written and Collage categories did not have a small business judge. If a judge was associated with a student who entered, they were assigned a different category to judge.

Now onto prizes!! As a reminder, we are giving more prizes to categories with more entries.

We are pleased to announce the following winners and honorable mentions. 

1st Place – Jay B. – $75 Amazon Gift Card
2nd Place – Marley and Peyton L. – $50 Amazon Gift Card
3rd Place – Tyler & Ethan I.- $30 Amazon Gift Card
4th Place – Emily A. – $20 Amazon Gift Card
Honorable Mention – Elise J. – Bubble Wand
Honorable Mention – Wyatt G. – Bubble Wand
Honorable Mention – Julien G. – Bubble Wand

1st Place – Skye C. -$75 Amazon Gift Card
2nd Place – Mila V. – $50 Amazon Gift Card
3rd Place – Lilly F. – $30 Amazon Gift Card
4th Place – Shalee S. – $20 Amazon Gift Card
Honorable Mention – Alannah W. – Bubble Wand
Honorable Mention – Kai F. – Bubble Wand

1st Place – Sophia Nina B. B. -$75 Amazon Gift Card
2nd Place – Abigail J. – $50 Amazon Gift Card
Honorable Mention – Juan H. – Bubble Wand

1st Place – Ezekiel M. -$75 Amazon Gift Card

Participation Goodies:
Everyone who participated will get an Achievement Award, a STEAM Rises Up Spirit Button, a free kid’s meal at Panda Express, and their projects displayed at the Community Display in the Fall.  

Community Display:
Depending on pandemic conditions  and restrictions in the fall, the PTA is optimistically planning a Community Display for “Back to School Night” in the MPR. We would like as many physical submissions as possible for the display. If you have a physical submission like a drawing or a class project, please email steamrisesup@santiagopta.com and confirm whether you still have it or not, and if we can store it in the PTA shed until we use it in the Fall.

Project Drop Off and Participation Item Pickup Days: Monday, May 24th and Tuesday, May 25th
On Monday and Tuesday, from 2:30pm-5pm the school will have tables setup in front of the school, and one will have a PTA bin. If you are ok with us storing your student’s physical projects over the summer so we can create a display for the fall, please drop it off in the PTA bin. If possible, we would prefer drawings to be placed in the bin in its own zip lock back for protection, but it’s ok if you can’t find a bag. Please write your student’s name on the back of their pictures. If you have a collage on poster board and it doesn’t fit in the bin, you can put it on the table next to the bin.

Distance Learners:
All participation prizes will be on tables in front of the school, with your child’s name on them, on Monday and Tuesday from 2:30pm – 5;00pm.
If your student won an additional prize and is listed above, you may contact the front office to confirm pick up.
Thank you again for your support and participation of the PTA.

In Person Students: 
All prizes and participation certificates will be delivered to your student in their classroom on Monday or Tuesday.

Congratulations winners and everyone who participated in the STEAM Rises Up Contest!

Santiago STEAM Magnet PTA