Open Volunteer Positions – Both big and small

Want to work closer with our staff and find ways to improve our school and community?   We are in need of a few team members

Sign Makers, Graphic Designers and Sidewalk Chalk “Artists” – We need help promoting the PTA and all of our events and programs throughout the year. We really need a group of volunteers who can help decorate the sidewalks with chalk, make some signs, paint a banner, or even design a graphic here or there for online promotions. We need your help! Email us at info@santiagopta.com and let us know how you can help. Hey – you don’t even have to be a “good” artist. We’ll take a “kind” helper who can lighten our workload any day!! 

Virtual Field Trips & Demonstrations Co-Chair – We’re keeping field trips online this school year by having local businesses give us a short behind the scenes tour of their establishment, and then do a demonstration. Looking for someone to help reach out to the community to line up companies who want to partner with us. Contact president@santiagopta.com if you’re interested. You can also view several of the field trips we’ve done so far here: https://santiagopta.com/category/virtualtrips/

Book Fair and Library Project Volunteers – Ms. Chambion is always looking for volunteers to help her with book fairs and other library related promotions and events. Please let us know if you would like to be the PTA contact and to help organize things with our very hard working librarian. info@santiagopta.com

Facebook Room Parents – See the closed Facebook groups for each grade level for more information on this position.

Silent Auction Donation Volunteers – Once a year we do a silent auctions that’s really fun with great deals. Funds from the Silent Auction go right back to the PTA to support students, teachers, classrooms, programs and events. We need help getting donations. If you’ve never done this before, it’s easier than it sounds. We can give you a letter signed by the school’s principal and the PTA president with out 501c3 tax ID number. Whenever you’re out shopping for something or running errands, just take a few minutes to ask the manager if they’re willing to donate any items to our PTA for our silent auction. Give them the letter, and hopefully they’ll give you gifts cards, merchandise or certificates for services. It’s that easy! Sure, they can say no, and that’s no big deal. We get the quantity and quality of items for out silent auction by getting a team of volunteers who can take a few minutes while they’re out to ask around. We will also be holding a few Cover the Shop donation days. This is where we get a small team together, pick a shopping center and go door to door. One half of the team on one side, and the other half starting on the other, and then meeting in the middle for coffee.  We would love to get to know you and have you join the team!

Social Media Coordinator – We need someone to take charge of the updating posts on facebook and instagram. The coordinator will work with the project chairs to help create posts and find/make visual graphics to attract attention and support of our many programs and events sponsored by the Santiago STEAM Magnet PTA.