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Dad’s Club

What is Dad’s Club?

Dad’s Club is a group of (mostly) men that want to be involved in their child’s experience at Santiago STEAM Magnet. The main purpose of the group is to show students that men are just as involved and invested in their child’s experiences as women. Since the majority of PTA members tend to be women, Dad’s Club brings together men to do a variety of things for the school.

What do they do?

This can range from building things for PTA activities, fixing/updating equipment at the school, doing some of the heavy lifting, or even offering some of their professional career expertise to creating events. 

How much time will this take?

The amount of time you volunteer is completely up to you. A Dad’s Club organizer will keep you up to date on when the PTA needs help, and you just let him know if you have any availability to pitch in.

Who can be a member?

Open to everyone in our Santiago STEAM Magnet Community that plays a role in our students’ lives, but we’re focused on getting more MALE involvement in this particular club. (Dad, Grandpa, Uncle, Neighbor…)

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