What does the PTA do?

Why is PTA Important??

PTA is a Parent – Teacher Association that advocates for children and works to create a strong community with resources, programs, outreach, advocacy and funding to make it all happen. At Santiago STEAM Magnet PTA, we take our roles in providing opportunities and additional support for students that they wouldn’t get exclusively from the district or state.

With the tireless efforts of our team and community, we provide resources, programs, contests and events to appeal to students and families. We don’t do it alone. PTA volunteers plan, promote and create. Teachers, staff and families encourage and teach the value of participating in the Santiago Community. Students step up and show that they’re Santiago STEAM Proud!!!

Just look at what we did this past school year: 

During a typical year without restrictions we also put together:

  • Ice Cream Social
  • Fall Festival
  • Silent Auction
  • Bagels with a Loved One
  • Jog-a-thon
  • Glow Party
  • Educational Nights

We are planning the 2021-22 school year and looking for volunteers for a myriad of activities to come. If you value the PTA and its contribution to the school, please join and reach out to some of our committee chairs.

We need help:

  • Getting donations for the silent auction (vpwaysmeans@santiagopta.com)
  • Procuring free items, gifts and meals for staff (vpstudents@santiagopta.com)
  • Volunteers on hand to make banners (vpparents@santiagopta.com)
    • Welcome back to school
    • Spirit Weeks
    • Fundraisers
  • Volunteers on hand to decorate doors or the school (vpparents@santiagopta.com)
  • Grants and Corporate Sponsorship (vpwaysmeans@santiagopta.com)
  • Family Resources and Wellness Chair (president@santiagopta.com)
    • Finds reputable articles and services to update the website
  • Virtual Field Trips & Demonstrations Chair (president@santiagopta.com)
    • Reaches out to local businesses to create VFT&D
  • Spirit Wear Chair (info@santiagopta.com)
    • Works with our Spirit Wear vendor to coordinate sales windows and can design new spirit wear
  • Team of Room Parents to get our messages to parents in your classes (secretary@santiagopta.com)
    • Hoping to have a room parent in every class
    • Coordinates info from the PTA to classrooms
    • Works with the teacher independently of the PTA to see if he/she needs help with the classroom or projects
  • Dad’s Club members and leaders (president@santiagopta.com)
    • Looking for dads (uncles, grandfathers, neighbors, partners, etc) to step up and create events to promote a balance of parental involvement at the Elementary School aged level
    • Help doing tasks around the school
  • ESL and Special Needs Leader(s)
    • Make sure PTA information can be translated into languages other than English
    • Double check programs so that special needs students are able to fairly participate
    • Coordinate with special needs resources in the community or the ESL advocate to get messaging out and address any needs.

PTA programs are for everyone. We hope that engagement and enthusiasm grows. During the 2021-2022 school year, we hope you support us by participating in fundraisers, join us in contests, events and programs, and take advantage of the resources and the power behind the advocacy of the Santiago STEAM Magnet PTA. 


Click HERE to join the Santiago STEAM Magnet PTA.