Raise Craze – Fundraising Through Kindness 2021

Raise Craze window has closed and the Results are in!!!

Thank you so much to all the students, families and friends who donated and helped our students pay their kindness forward! We raised $20,649 and completed 549 Acts of Kindness!!! Truly incredible! Our students worked so hard that they achieved every single school wide goal. All students will receive a Santiago STEAM sticker printed by Solar Art and a Santiago Glow Bracelet. Mr. Johnston will not only DRESS LIKE A CHICKEN, but he is going to do the CHICKEN DANCE!!! All students who raised $100 or more will get to both SILLY STRING and DANCE with Mr. Johnston.

Schoolwide, Grade Level and Classroom rewards will take place in October. Individual rewards will be delivered in November or whenever we get our second spirit wear delivery. Please look for an email from the PTA president asking for your child’s shirt size if they earned spirit wear. 

Silly String and Chicken Dance List:

Lebus (K):
Harley A
Isabela A
Jackson B
Nico D
Cody F
Amelia G
Rylie H
Gianna K

Markowitz (K):
Preston F
Liam L
Chloe L
Isabel S

Von Luft (K):
Kira A
Henry E
Madilynn G
Madelyn L
Corbin W
Heidi W

Scanlon (1st):
Luna B
Mya C
Lila G
Alexander K
Aaron L
Harper L
Brent M
Kyle S

Duran (1st):
Jayden B
Ragnar D
Killian F
Vincent S

Botsford (1st/2nd):
Abigail B
Maxwell C
Vivian C
Nolan C
Luca D
Penelope F
Owen G
Eleanor G
Abigail J
Mason P
Austin W

Haymes (2nd): 
Lily B
Morgan B
Wyatt G
Samuel M
Zoe O

Escutia (2nd):
Ethan I
Khaleel K
Abigail T

Menke (3rd):
Sophia Nina B
Cooper H
Cruz K
Natalie K
Peyton L
Leia R
Dalila S
Madison W

Anand (3rd):
Dawson F
Julien G
Sophia L
Brynn W

Fudge (3rd):
Liliya A
Presley C
Lincoln I
Owen L
Taylor W

McKenna (4th):
Jack D
Dylan S
Rowan T

Burdette (4th): 
Giuliana P
Caleb R
Tatiana S

Larkins (4th/5th):
Ayah A
Gabriela A
Austin K

Peterson (5th): 
Tyler I
Emily K
Dhani S

Brown (6th): 
Sean E
Ethan L

Ruffridge (6th):
Carolina C

When will prizes be delivered?

Schoolwide, Classroom and Top Fundraising prizes will be delivered and planned sometime in October. We are working with Mr. Johnston to pick a day for silly string and the dance once we have the final numbers. 

Individual prizes will be delivered in November, or whenever spirit wear can be delivered. We work with a spirit wear company and have windows where they take and produce orders. Our next window is in November.

Chicken Day!!!


August 26th – September 18th

What is Raise Craze?

Raise Craze is a fundraising program to teach our kids kindness and empathy by paying it forward. It is a meaningful, interactive fundraiser where students collect donations online via a secure, custom website then show their appreciation by serving others and completing random acts of kindness. In other words, students spend time serving, not selling! Raise Craze is funding through kindness. Watch this video to see how it works:

How to get started:

1. Register and create a profile for each student.
2. Choose 3 acts of kindness or other ways you plan to be kind.
3. Enter email addresses of friends and family to share your child’s acts of kindness, and give them an opportunity to donate to the school.
Get CRAZE-Y!!! Take pictures.  Check off acts of kindness. Have fun!

Incentives, Prizes and Rewards:

*Individual and Spirit Wear prizes will be delivered to the classroom in November.

*Individual and Spirit Wear prizes will be delivered to the classroom in November.

With kindness, we can all make a difference. Funds donated to our PTA directly impact students through classroom funding, library and innovation lab improvements, school improvement projects, and programs that connect and engage our community of students and families.
Want do download your own heart for the Kindness Tree? Click here for the template.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Will donations still go to the school if my child doesn’t complete their acts of kindness (AOK)?
A: Of course. All donations will be processed through Raise Craze whether or not your child completes their acts of kindness. However, we hope they’ll be inspired to spread kindness anyway.
Q: Can I just donate money, and not sign up my child for the website?
A:  Yes, of course. We always accept donations through PayPal, to paypal@santiagopta.com. Please note your child’s name and class when making a donation for our records. Please enter in the notes: “Raise Craze: Name of child, Teacher, Grade”
Q: When I signed up for the PTA, I donated a little extra. Can that count for my child’s Raise Craze? 
A: We have noticed that quite a few people donated extra. We are going through our records and counting all additional donations (above the cost of membership and PayPal fees) towards your child’s individual Raise Craze goals.
Q: Do I have to donate money?
A: Of course not. All donations are voluntary. In order to accumulate rewards, you child must still create their own page on the Raise Craze website, and complete the designated boxes for prizes. We encourage you to enter as many friends and families’ email addresses as possible, to optimize the likelihood of receiving donations on your child’s behalf. 
Q: Can we combine our children’s donations to be eligible for bigger prizes?
A: Unfortunately, no.  All donations to a child’s page will count towards their goals, and may not be combined with their siblings.
Q: I want to post pictures of my kids on social media performing acts of kindness. Is there a hashtag?
A: Yes, and we would love to see your student’s acts of kindness. Please tag them @SantiagoSTEAMpta and #SantiagoRaiseCraze
Q: Can you tell me more about the Kindness Tree?
A: Kindness is happening all around us, and we want to know when you catch your student performing an Act of Kindness. Please write their act of kindness on a heart and put it in the envelope near the tree. Or, your student can call out a friend who’s been kind and fill out a heart. The PTA will continue to attach the hearts throughout the fundraiser, so everyone can see how kindness blossoms and grows. Kindness begets kindness. 
Q: Tell me more about Silly Stringing Mr. Johnston if we raise $100.
A: It’s that simple. If your student raises $100, they will get to Silly String Mr. Johnston. Make sure to bring your camera so you can replay this experience over and over!
Q: I’m a business owner. Can I make a tax deductible donation? Are there incentives for businesses? 
A: Yes! All our sponsorship information can be found here.