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Virtual Field Trips & Demonstrations: Sal’s Pizzeria

Santiago STEAM Magnet is proud to present our Virtual Field Trips and (Cool) Demonstrations program. At Santiago STEAM, our students are asked to think outside of the box to solve problems and innovate solutions. Our students are preparing to be leaders in their community and to push boundaries in their future endeavors. Here, local businesses are working with our PTA to bring the future of STEAM education to a reality, by providing a behind the scene’s look into exciting careers that can be gained with the aid of a STEAM education.

This next field trip is to Sal’s Pizzeria in Foothill Ranch. 

Here’s their story told in their own words:

Sal’s Pizzeria is named after my father-in-law Sal, born in Alcamo, Sicily in 1941. At 8 years old, Sal was delivering Italian food products out of the back of a horse and buggy that his father drove. Sal’s father was a cheese maker and brought the family to America in 1951 to start Collica Dairy. Collica Dairy transitioned into Collica Quality Foods where Sal has been distributing the best Italian food products for over 50 years.

Sal would always make pizza for the family and it was the best I’d ever tasted. Being from New York, I was always very picky when it came to good pizza. I would ONLY eat Sal’s pizza here in California.  Since Sal would only make pizza for special occasions, I had an idea. Why not open a pizzeria just so I can have Sal’s pizza whenever I want! So Sal’s Pizzeria was born out of my love for Sal and his pizza.

In this captivating virtual field trip, they have broken down how every aspect of a STEAM education plays into running a pizzeria. Plus, they demonstrate how they toss pizza dough in the air, which certainly qualifies as a cool demonstration! 


Respond to the Field Trip:

After finishing your first virtual field trip with the Sal’s Pizzeria, we want to see your reaction to the experience. What did you learn about the process of making pizza and running a pizzeria? What STEAM skills are needed to make pizza? Share what you learned in a video, written paragraph or drawing. You can even write a thank you letter and send it to the Sal’s Pizzeria for putting together this field trip.  All students who participate and respond to virtual field trips will get a participation button. 

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Sal’s Pizzeria

Address: 26612 Towne Centre Dr. Suite F
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

Phone: (949) 951-7400


If you own or work for a local company that would like to provide a field trip for our STEAM students, please get more information HERE.