Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trip & Demonstration: Meet the School Counselor

Santiago STEAM Magnet is proud to present our Virtual Field Trips and (Cool) Demonstrations program. At Santiago STEAM, our students are asked to think outside of the box to solve problems and innovate solutions. Our students are preparing to be leaders in their community and to push boundaries in their future endeavors. Here, local businesses are working with our PTA to bring the future of STEAM education to a reality, by providing a behind the scene’s look into exciting careers that can be gained with the aid of a STEAM education.

This next field trip is to meet Santiago STEAM’s school counselor Ms. Lorena!

SVUSD provides counseling services to all students who need someone to talk to or listen. In this introduction to school counseling, Ms. Lorena will explain what school counselors do, and how to make an appointment with her.  She is at Santiago STEAM every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday in room 17B, but students can also explore her virtual classroom to find “calm down” activities or to make an appointment with her. 

Knowing when you need to calm down, or ask for help when you’re having strong feelings, is healthy. We encourage all STEAM students to be socially and emotionally aware of their needs, and brave enough to talk to someone like Ms. Lorena when they need to open up. She provides a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with each visitor, and hopes to get to know all the students at Santiago STEAM Magnet Elementary School.   

Watch her Virtual Field Trip and get to know her a little better!


Respond to the Field Trip:

After finishing your first virtual field trip with the the School Counselor Ms. Lorena, we want to see your reaction to the experience. What did you learn about our school counselor? How can being socially and emotionally aware, make you a better STEAM student? Share what you learned in a video, with a note or by drawing a picture. You can even write a thank you letter to Ms. Lorena for putting together this field trip.  All students who participate and respond to virtual field trips will get a participation button. 

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