PTA Volunteers Working Hard

Improvements to our school, enriching programs and engaging events happen at our school because of an active volunteer community. We are on our way to becoming the premiere STEAM Elementary school in California, but we need the entire community’s help to build, expand, create and invest in our future.

Here are just some of the volunteers that have gone above and beyond since we entered the 2021-2022 school year. If every child at the school is represented by just two hours of adult volunteer time, we would have over a 1,000 volunteer hours to get things done. Just think of what we can accomplish with that kind of help. 


Garden Club – Move the Dirt Days: Stacie A, Liz G, Rob G, Cat D, Derek B, Natalie G, Derrick R, Hollie R, Charlene K, Tim K, Elisa J, Jonathan, Peter, Jessie from MV Roadside, Marco,  and even a local neighborhood resident, Mr. Paul, who walked by and decided to pitch in!


Back to School Decorations, Welcome Signs & Chalking the Walk: Rozie S, Emily B, Amanda S, Natalie G, Charlene K, Maggie M, Dawn B, Derek B, Jenny L, & Liz G 

Balloon Arch:
Galactic Balloons

PTA Executive Board: Liz G, Rozie S, Maggie M, Natalie G, Charlene K, Lisa O, Jenny L, Derek B

Website: Liz G, Charlene K

Social Media: Liz G, Charlene K, Crystal K (and looking for help!)

Back to School Packets: Charlene K, Liz G, Carolina H, Elisa J

Spirit Wear: Rozie S, Cat D, Liz G

Spirit Buttons: Cat D

Graphics: Cat D, Addie H, Liz G, Rozie S, Charlene K

Virtual Field Trips & Demonstrations: Liz G, Dawn B, Natalie G

Raise Craze Fundraiser: Natalie G, Cat D, Liz G, Dawn B, Charlene K, Jenny L

Kindness Wall & Banners: Cat D (artist), Liz G (assistant)


Pumpkin City: Christie I.

Dad’s Club Builds: Joe C, David O

Tree Stumps for Outdoor Learning: David, Barbara, T, Nancy, Bryan, Jennifer G, Jeremy C, Tricia C, and Community Volunteers – Barbara, David

Yearbook: Charlene K

Painless Fundraisers: Amanda S, Rozie S, Natalie G, Liz G

Grant Writing: Griffin R, Stacie A, Natalie G

Front Garden Area: Stacie A, Ms. Anand, Jerome A, Liz G, Elisa J, Min, Akshata F

Stronger Together Against Bullying & Drugs: Rozie S, Liz G, Cat D, Emily, Maggie M

Buddy Benches: Cat D, Rob G

Scarecrows for STEAM Contest: Liz G, Cat D, Dawn B, Bryan B, Rozie S, Emily B, Stacie A

Calming Rock Garden: Stacie A, Dan C, Dan, Dan L, Jerome A, Liz G, and several students. Community donors: Patrice M

Outdoor Learning Garden Circle and Path: Dan C, Stacie A, Liz G. Community Donors: Elisabeth M

Fruit Orchard: Home Depot Team Members Sue P, Dave, Gary, Anthony and Lewis. Stacie A, Ms. Anand, Ms. Menke, Mr. Johnston, Liz G

Bird House: Bryan B, Dawn B

Please check back often as we continue to brag about the incredible people who make up the Santiago STEAM Magnet community!!!