Garden Build Day: 1/21/21

So much is happening with Garden Club, and we’re looking for more eager volunteers to help build our gardens.
If you haven’t already given yourself a self tour of the garden, be sure to see all of the interactive elements and outdoor learning spaces popping up all over campus. Next up, the pollinator garden.
POLLINATOR GARDEN: We’re off to a fantastic start on our new pollinator garden, located between the Kinder play yard and the lunch tables. We’ve built an outdoor learning patio surrounded with beautiful reclaimed wood seating, planted a few starter plants, and begun the path that will weave through native plants to the gathering space. 
We’re now ready for a community build day, mark your calendar!  
GARDEN BUILD DAY: SATURDAY 1/22/21 from 10 am  For the day our goal will be completing the garden path, completing the drainage ameliorations, completing the riverbed, planting native plants, and if time allows mulching, assembling a bridge, mounting a bird house, and preparing additional seating. Bring a friend if you’d like, we have lots to do! Children are welcome, we will have a variety of tasks available to suit all ages. Due to the current COVID conditions we will be asking attendees to wear masks when not distancing.
To prepare for the day we’ll need volunteers for the following:
– Pavers: Collect and deliver approx 50 stone pavers to the site, they weigh approx 10-20 lbs each (from El Toro Home Depot, 1-2 volunteers needed)
– Plants: Collect and deliver approx 30 potted plants to the site, most are in one gallon pots (from Tree of Life Nursery in San Juan Capestrano, 1-2 volunteers needed)
– Gravel: We’re looking for a donation or purchase of gravel to complete our drainage project, and we’ll be needing help getting this to the site. 
– Signage: We’ll be adding signage to this space over time, and would love to get a start on these!
Please email the Garden Club at SantiagoSTEAMGarden@gmail.com if you’ll be able to attend the Garden Build Day and/or support with any of the preparations, thank you! As always, follow the Garden Club @SantiagoSTEAMgarden on Instagram.