Staff Appreciation Week 2022

Staff Appreciation Week: May 2-6

Santiago STEAM Magnet Elementary School is a very special little school. We all feel it and know it. This week, let’s shower our teachers and staff with the appreciation they deserve. It really takes very little to connect with someone and make their day. Below are some ideas on how you can make someone at our school feel good this week.

What our kids can do?

  • Make a “Thank You” sign for their teacher or a deserving staff member
  • Write a thank you card
  • Draw a picture
  • Craft a gift
    • Paper flower
    • Cut out a paper heart
    • Make a friendship bracelet
    • Shrink a dink design
    • Salt dough thank you ornament
  • Say “Thank you for being my teacher”
  • Tell a staff member something you like about them

What parents and families can do?

  • Email or drop a note by the front office to be delivered to any of our staff members to say thank you. There are so many wonderful people to thank!
    • Recess supervisors help our kids stay safe, and likely know every child’s name on campus
    • Custodians keep our school clean 
    • Lunch workers prepare food and make sure everyone who needs food gets fed
    • The librarian introduces our kids to new worlds and inspires them to develop a love of reading
    • Intervention teachers go the extra mile to tap into our kids specific obstacles to help them progress
    • Special education staff are relentless at helping kids reach goals and continue to align with the objectives of their peers
    • The ESL advocate is passionate about eliminating the language barrier so all families are able to communicate, participate and thrive
    • The health aid keeps families safe and healthy, and often helps them calm down so they can return to class
    • The counselor guides kids through big feelings 
    • Office administration makes the school function by managing everything that comes in and out of the school
    • The principal drives our school to have high standards for curriculum, project based learning, social emotional learning, and advancement of our students 
    • Teachers work tirelessly to give our kids the best education, in the safest environment with creative direction so that our kids love to learn and collaborate 
  • Show a small gesture of gratitude
    • Smile when you see your child’s teacher
    • Ask a teacher or staff member if they need help
    • Donate a gift card to the Staff Appreciation Drawing
    • Share a story with a teacher or staff member about how they made an impact on your child. 
      • Made your child laugh, feel better, feel safe
      • Helped your child read, speak more clearly, satisfy their hunger
      • Listened to your child when they needed to connect
    • Look them in the eyes and say “Thank you”

*Please not that spirit dress up week will be moved to May 23-27 so it doesn’t interfere with testing. 



On Monday families cheered on teachers and staff for a Sunrise Welcome. Our lovely staff was also greeted with coffee donated by Starbucks, bagels from Bagel Bros, and treats by bought by a Santiago family.
The PTA put together these beautiful Santiago STEAM totes. Staff got to pick from each of the five logos, and the bags contained little self care goodies.
PTO Today also donated some items like pens, hand sanitizer and vitamins.
Thanks to generous families, we also collected over 75 gift cards that were distributed to staff members.
Thank you Santiago STEAM Magnet Teachers and Staff for everything you do. We’re grateful, appreciative and feel so lucky we such an amazing team working with our students and families.