Celebrate “50” Art Contest

Celebrate “50” Art Contest – Ballots have been counted!
What an amazing turn out for the art contest. We had group entries from families, from groups of friends, from classes and from entire grade levels. Individual projects were made out of a variety of materials from cardboard to clay, to upcycled trash to colored pencils and paper. Group projects bloomed, danced, sparkled, shined, towered and stacked the deck. About 500 ballots were turned in, and every vote was counted. The winners are…


Individual Category: Each winner will take home a telescope today


Rainbow circles behind 50

Keira W., 5th Grade



Max S., 1st Grade


“Happy 50th” Eagle with nest

Lincoln I., 3rd Grade 

Group Category: This group will take home an instant print camera and film


Dancing Flowers

Wyatt G., 2nd Grade

Owen G., 1st Grade

Amelia G., Kindergarten


All Entrants: Will receive a Spirit Button

Thank you to everyone who entered. All entries will be displayed at the 50th Anniversary Festival & Jogathon on May 21st!


Group Entries:


Individual Entries:


Enter your artwork of the number “50” for a chance to win a prize while also contributing to the decor of the school for the 50th Anniversary Celebration! In an effort to think GREEN, all artwork must depict the number “50” and incorporate at least one natural, recycled or recirculated material. There are 2 categories for entry:

  1. Individual Small Scale: Draw, paint, color, or create a small model of the number “50”. This must be created by the student alone without much intervention from adults. Class projects or work is totally acceptable as long as it’s the student’s artwork.  No digital art please.
  2. Group/Family Large Scale: Create a 3D model of the number “50”. Feel free to make it abstract or literal, allow it to move or be sedentary, make it colorful or give it texture, but whatever you do, make it with the students and let them lead. Students must play a big part in creating the entry with the help of family or a group.

All students who enter will get a 50th Anniversary Spirit Button and the chance to win a prize. There will be 3 individual winners and 1 group winner.


Individual Small Scale Winners: 3 winners will each receive an Easy-View Telescope with 180x Magnification

Family Large Scale Winner: Zink Kodak PRINTOMATIC Digital Instant Print Camera with Kodak 2ʺx3ʺ Premium Photo Paper (50 Sheets)

All entries must be labeled on the back of all 2D projects and bottom of all 3D projects

Name: ____________________________________________________________________
Grade: ____________________________________________________________________
Teacher: __________________________________________________________________
Natural, recycled or recirculated item: __________________________________

When is the deadline?
Individual projects must be turned in by Tuesday, May 3rd. 
Group projects must be in the MPR by Wednesday, May 4th

Who’s judging?
The STUDENTS! Judging will take place during school on Thursday, May 5th.

Can I help set up  the entries for voting?
Absolutely. Email president@santiagopta.com . Help is needed the day before to attach individual entries to butcher paper and set up small models as well as assign each entry a number. Day of we need help hanging the butcher paper, bringing out the tables, and setting up the large scale group/family entries.

Will I get it back, and when?
Individual entries will be returned to classrooms before the end of the year as long as they’re clearly labeled. Group/large scale projects can be picked up at 7pm on May 21st after the 50th Anniversary Festival and Jogathon are over. Or they can be picked up from the MPR by May 24th. If they are not picked up by that time, they will be discarded.
Can there be anything else in the 50 besides the “50”?
Yes, but the point is to celebrate “50” so make sure the number is the star.

Where can I find a stencil for a large scale 50?
We have two different sizes in the Innovation Lab. You may use these to trace a 50 on your own cardboard or paper. Costco will allow you to take as much of the carboard separating items on pallets as you wish. Or you can use a completely different material! 

What are some ways to make my “50” stand out?
Below are 50 ideas to think beyond the number, but the possibilities are endless:

  1. Be inspired by the 5 decades
  2. Be inspired by the 70’s
  3. Be inspired by the 80’s
  4. Be inspired by the 90’s 
  5. Be inspired by the 2000’s
  6. Be inspired by your favorite sport or hobby
  7. Be abstract
  8. Be modern
  9. Be interpretive 
  10. Construct a “50” that stands out
  11. Construct a “50” that moves
  12. Construct a “50” that shimmers
  13. Construct a “50” who speaks
  14. Construct a “50” that pays tribute to the school
  15. Construct a “50” that embodies STEAM
  16. Make it out of 50 items
  17. Make your own paint by using natural coloring found in nature
  18. Make an interactive “50”
  19. Make a 3D “50”
  20. Make it simple
  21. Make a “50” that represents pop culture
  22. Make an optical illusion “50”
  23. Make origami “50”
  24. Make a “50” out of something unconventional
  25. Recirculate parts from a broken toy
  26. Recirculate party decorations
  27. Recirculate fabric from old clothes
  28. Recirculate puzzles with missing pieces
  29. Recirculate game pieces from incomplete games
  30. Recirculate junk mail, old worksheets and flyers by cutting out shapes or dying colors
  31. Use paint, chalk, crayons, pencil, puffy paints, glue, modge podge, chalk
  32. Use cardboard, boxes, posterboard, cereal boxes, clean food containers, clean used bottles
  33. Use rope, twine, yarn, string, chords, cables
  34. Include a personal touch
  35. Include a representation of your culture
  36. Include history
  37. Include a surprise element
  38. Add a science component to your “50”
  39. Add working technology to your “50”
  40. Add engineering to your “50”
  41. Add artistic details to your “50” that make it special 
  42. Add a math component to your “50”-*
  43. Use clippings from magazines to make a collage
  44. Use all natural materials found on a hike
  45. Use different kinds of materials, but keep monochromatic color scheme 
  46. Draw your favorite character wearing a “50”
  47. Incorporate your favorite things
  48. Incorporate school pride
  49. Incorporate the past
  50. Incorporate the future

Can we see one more example collage?
Sure, here you go!