Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Assemblies April 25th!!!

Attention All Families!

Monday, April 25th our students will be attending zoom assemblies with Jet Propulsion Laboratory!!!This is an amazing opportunity for our students to get an inside look at what happens inside this incredible lab, but also to learn how a STEAM education can be the path to an exciting future. We are looking for 2-3 student presenters from lower grades and upper grades. They will either share their illustrations for their rover designs, or their Mission to Mars, during the assembly. Update: The students have been chosen by teachers. If after the assembly, your child is inspired to complete the Mission to Mars, or design a rover or orbiter, please encourage them. We will be displaying all submissions at the 50th Anniversary Festival & Jogathon JPL Partnership display. All students who submit designs will receive a JPL Spirit Button.


Who are JPL?

This is an intro from their website where you can get more info: https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/who-we-are

“Have you been awed by views of desolate Martian valleys, swirling storms above Jupiter, and the icy blades ringing Saturn? Then you have journeyed with JPL spacecraft and rovers.

JPL’s workforce includes a dedicated and diverse population of scientists, engineers, technologists, developers, communicators, designers, safety experts, business administrators, and more. 

We are humanity’s leading center for exploring where humans cannot yet reach. Our spacecraft have flown to every planet and the Sun in a quest to understand our place in the universe, and to search for the possibility of life beyond Earth. Our missions honor the relentless pursuit of the explorer: Voyager, Curiosity, Cassini, Galileo.”

Why is this assembly special?

  • JPL houses innovative scientists, engineers, builders, planners and architects. They are on the cutting edge of discovery and are in the business of problem solving.
  • We are the first elementary school assembly they’re holding.
  • JPL is testing out this presentation in our school, and hoping to find the right formula so they can then bring this assembly to other elementary schools. 
  • JPL has created content especially for our students and intentionally chose certain speakers who are women and POC so that our diverse student body can see themselves in these scientists and engineers.
  • This is an ongoing relationship. 
  • JPL will return in the fall to do an in person assembly.

What time are the zoom assemblies?
April 25th 
(K-3) 8:30-9:30 
(4-6) 1:15-2:15

After the assembly links for families: 
JPL Timeline: https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/timeline/
Downloadable Posters: https://exoplanets.nasa.gov/alien-worlds/exoplanet-travel-bureau/
Technology of the future: https://scienceandtechnology.jpl.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/documents/JPL_2021_Technology_Highlights.pdf

Did your child(ren) love the assembly, and now they want to do the NASA project. Here are the details. Completed projects can be turned into the front office for display at the 50th Anniversary Festival & Jogathon.