Fall Festival Nov 4, 2022

Fall Festival is coming soon!!!

Who’s invited?
Santiago STEAM Magnet students, families, teachers, and the community.

What should we expect?
Two large scale Inflatables, Silent Auction, Scarecrow Forest, STEAM booths, Trick-or-Treat trail, DJ and Dance Floor, TK Burgers Food Truck, Snack bar, Photo Wall, Book Fair and games.

Friday, November 4th, 5pm-8pm

Santiago STEAM Magnet quad and front yard

Why not? Fall Festival is a great time to connect with other families, let off some STEAM and celebrate our unique little school. 

How can you contribute?
Volunteer. Donate. Sign up for a Booth (STEAM Booth or Trick-or-Treat Trail). Lead a classroom silent auction basket. Participate.  

Pre-Order Tickets:
TICKETS: $1 each, 12 for $10, 25 for $20. Pre-order tickets and skip the ticket lines! bit.ly/santiagopaypal



Trick-or-Treat Trail Booths: Would you like to host one? 
Think trunk-or-treat, but on our campus with a table or EZ up rather than out of the trunk of your car.  Feel free to decorate your booth in a spooky, silly, colorful or wacky theme. Really anything you find fun and interesting, and hand out candy to students along our trick-or-treat trail. Email ptalizgibson@gmail.com if interested!


Silent Auction: Looking for Donations (Items & Services)
Donate items, services or experiences to our silent auction. We are a 501c3 nonprofit and can give you our tax ID to file with your taxes as a nonprofit tax deductible donation. Silent Auction helps fund PTA programs, school resources and experiences for our students. Have a donation, please reach out to our VP of Fundraising, Yvette Tepper yvettemarie22@gmail.com


General Donations we need:

  • Please visit out Amazon Wishlist HERE
  • Hay. As much hay as we can get. All hay will be repurposed in the garden after the event
  • Extra Large, Large, Medium, 3-4 small Pumpkins
  • Silent Auction items, services and experiences
  • Unopened Candy for trick-or-treat trail
  • 2 String Lights
  • 2 Black lights
  • Rubber mats for entrance and exit of Inflatables (we can return after the festival)
  • 300 Empty water bottles with lids

Scarecrows Forest:
Participate in the Scarecrows for STEAM Contest and create a full size scarecrow for our forest. For more information, go HERE . Deadline for submissions is October 26th.


Beware the Candy Monster
In the month of October we will be hosting spooky monsters, and they’re out for bloo… Just kidding. They’re hungry for candy! Help our scary monster collect candy for the trick-or-treat trail by feeding it unopened bags of candy.


Silent Auction Classroom Baskets: (Classroom Leaders Found – Please reach out to yours!)
We are looking for a parent from each classroom to step up to organize a classroom basket for the silent auction. These baskets can be as simple or extravagant as you like. The idea is to come up with a theme for the basket (movie night, fitness, wellness, games, etc) and then have as many parents from the class as possible, donate an item to the basket. Sign up on Bloomz “Signup” page. For more info, please reach out to us and let us know at yvettemarie22@gmail.com


What to look forward to at the festival…

Inflatable Obstacle Course

Inflatable Triple Slide

TK Burgers Food Truck

Trick-or-Treat Trail

STEAM Booth – Science: Chemiluminescence Activity

STEAM Booth – Technology: Magnetic Activities

STEAM Booth – Engineering: Tensile Bubbles and Popsicle Catapults Activities

STEAM Booth – Art: Henna Art

STEAM Booth – Math: Guess the Pumpkin Activity

Snack Bar


Live DJ and Party Lighting Show

Photo Wall

Scarecrows for STEAM (Spooky) Forest

Autumn Themed Photo Wall with Photo Props


A wonderful family volunteered to lead this station. As we get closer to the event we will need several volunteers to man this booth and help out. Visit Bloomz sign ups for  volunteer positions. We would like 1-2 families to commit to running our snack bar. Volunteers will need to shop for items, and set up and clean up the snack bar. We will have additional volunteers rotating through shifts to help out, but would like at least one booth leader from this team on each of the snack bar shifts to help manage money and items. 


Kid-Friendly DJ – BOOKED

We are looking for a kid-friendly DJ to play music, make announcements and keep the party flowing. We have a modest budget for this category since the DJ will need to provide their own equipment. Small prizes will be provided for the DJ to make up little contests (silliest dancers, highest jumper, swankiest moves, etc) to hand out through out the night to students. We’re hoping to find someone who knows how to entertain kids, and can pick fun music that will get our students to the dance floor.  Please email ptalizgibson@gmail.com if you are interested. 


STEAM Activity Booths – (5 of 5 Volunteers Found)

We need 5 families/groups total to volunteer to create one station each. Each station will celebrate their theme by decorating and creating a simple activity or demonstration based on their theme. This should be fun and simple to reinforce the wonders of a STEAM education to our students and visitors. We need volunteers for a science, station, technology station, engineering station, art station, and math station. If you are interested, please email ptalizgibson@gmail.com

Interested, but not quite sure what to do? Here are some ideas: 

Science: (VOLUNTEER FOUND) Last year the 5th grade class demonstrated how to make slime and walked through the process of developing film.  Below is a collage of other ideas, but feel free to come up with your own ideas!

Technology: (VOLUNTEER FOUND) Last year a family printed posters on the evolution of technology (computer, phone, light, memory, music), demonstrated the evolution of 3 wheels (standard wheel on peg, wheel with chain and pedal, wheel on motor), and did a fun LEGO cryptography (code breaking) activity.  Below is a collage of other ideas, but feel free to come up with your own ideas!

Engineering: (VOLUNTEER FOUND) Last year two families worked together and did a fun cup and block stacking activity. Other ideas might be to build a candy catapult out of rubber bands and popsicle sticks, paper airplane design and launchers, build your own ghost and race it with a friend activity, etc. Feel free to take one or more of these activities or come up with something on your own.

Art: (VOLUNTEER FOUND) Last year two families worked together and created a special system to paint rocks with a special process. After they dried, they were taken home or sent to grace our painted rock garden in front of the school. Below is a collage of other ideas, but feel free to come up with your own ideas!

Math: (VOLUNTEER FOUND) Last year a family created a huge beautiful math game using a wood structure with holes and balls that kids could throw into the correct answer. Below is a collage of other ideas, but feel free to come up with your own ideas!


Photo Wall Creator Needed! (VOLUNTEERS FOUND)
Calling all artsy people. We’re looking for someone to create our 2022 Fall Festival photo wall. You can go as simple or complex as you want. Fall themed or Halloween themed. Whichever seems more fun for you to put together. We traditionally build the wall with donated or recirculated items to be a little thriftier and earth-friendly. Please email ptalizgibson@gmail.com if you’re interested or you have questions!