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Scarecrows for STEAM 2022


Scarecrows for STEAM Individual Winners!!!

What a great turnout!! Our STEAM students did such a good job drawing, painting, building and crafting. Every student who entered will receive a Scarecrows for STEAM spirit button!
Every year the judges are the Santiago STEAM Magnet Elementary Students. They were able to visit all the entries, and vote on November 3rd.
The votes have been tallied, and they have determined the winners.
The winners are….
Kinder-1st Grade:
1st Place – Siena L (#71)
2nd Place – Naya M (#1)
3rd Place – Amelia G (#69)
2nd-3rd Grade:
1st Place – Adrian (#100)
2nd Place – Wyatt G (#116)
3rd Place – Henna H (#118)
4th-6th Grade:
1st Place – Alaina M (#201)
2nd Place – Evan L (#206)
3rd Place – Ellie F (#200)
3rd Place – Dalila S (#117)
Congrats to all our winners, and thank you all for participating in this annual event to celebrate art and STEAM skills!!

Scarecrows for STEAM Contest – Large Scale Entries

Wowy Wowsers! The large scale entries were INCREDIBLE!!! The students were so excited to vote on them. Smiles, excitement and joy. The students had so much fun exploring the Scarecrow Forest, and deciding on their favorite. We hope all the families who entered had just as much fun building and creating their family scarecrows!
Every student who entered will receive a Scarecrows for STEAM spirit button!
The students have voted, and the results are in. The winners are…
1st Place – Gibson Family – Mario Venus Flytrap (Letter R)
2nd Place – DiNardo Family – Ghostbusters! (Letter A)
3rd Place – Irwin Family – Einstein (Letter U)
Congrats to everyone who entered. The turnout was not only fantastic, but the Scarecrow Forest was so fun to relax in during the Fall Festival. We are happy to report that not a single crow dared to disrupt the festival. Mission accomplished community. Well done!


Welcome to the 3rd Annual Scarecrows for STEAM Contest! With this PTA sponsored event and contest we encourage students and families to celebrate the limitless expressions and possibilities of art with the single prompt: Create a scarecrow.

We’ve had so many creative submissions over the past two years, and we can’t wait to see what our students and families come up with this year! Go through your home to turn your discarded items and old clothes (that you were going to toss or donate anyway), into a family fun activity building a Scarecrow for STEAM. Reuse old crafts and repurpose the materials to add details. Get inspired by your favorite book, show, character, and have fun!

This is a great opportunity to let your kiddos minds think outside the box to build any kind of scarecrow they want. They can go the traditional porch or lawn scarecrow route, where it’s built with stick frames and stuffed with newspaper. Perhaps drawing is their passion and they want to dabble with paint, crayons, chalk or mixed collage. Some kids will want to build a scarecrow with toilet paper rolls or make paper bag puppets. While others will find a clever way to make a scarecrow basket or centerpiece. The possibilities are endless.

There are two ways to enter, and a total of 12 winners!!!

Individual Entries:

  1. Kindergarten and 1st Grade
  2. 2nd and 3rd Grades
  3. 4th, 5th and 6th Grades

Students can enter anything they wish, as long as it looks like a scarecrow. Drawing, toilet paper statue, centerpiece, paper mache, etc. Students must work independently. (Projects done in a class or group are great, as long as the student did the artwork.) Each grade grouping will have the chance win a 1st place $40 Amazon Gift Card, 2nd place $25 Amazon Gift Card, or 3rd place $10 Amazon Gift Card. 



Group/Full-Size Entries:

  1. One voting category for the all group entries


Here, we’re looking for the full-sized scarecrow made from old clothes, household items, or building/engineering materials. The traditional scarecrows are made by stuffing the clothes with crumpled newspaper, but please get creative and feel free to think outside the box. This category can be made with the help of friends and family. and will be displayed in our Scarecrow Forest at the Fall festival. The 1st place winning group will receive a $75 Amazon Gift Card, 2nd place wins a $50 Amazon Gift Card and 3rd place wins a $25 Amazon Gift Card. 



Turning in your entry and voting:

All entries need to be turned into the school and they will be displayed on campus. The best part is that this year, the students are the judges! Each student will have the opportunity to take part in democracy and vote for their favorite scarecrows in each category. All entries must be turned in by November 1st. Student’s individual entries can be turned into their teachers. Full size scarecrows must be delivered in tact on November 1st in the MPR. We will be tying them to the trees in the front yard for voting, so please make sure they’re delivered in a way that we can attach them to a tree and they’re ready for voting. If you would like to setup your own full size scarecrow, you must do it on November 2nd, after school, and preregister that you’ll be on campus by emailing

Please remember these guidelines:

  1. Grade level projects should have the student’s name, grade and teacher written on the back of the project or on a plastic bag the entire project is inserted into. The PTA needs to know who the entrant is, but it should not be visible to voters. These can be dropped off in students’ classrooms with their teachers. 
  2. Full size scarecrows should be attached to some sort of structure to create it’s shape. Scarecrows will be attached to trees by PTA volunteers. If you would like to attach your own scarecrow, and this is the set up method we recommend, you must contact and arrange to come at an approved time the day before the contest. Please submit scarecrows with a removable tag with the student(s) name(s), grade(s) and teacher(s). 
  3. Please note that we are doing our best to make a fun and exciting display for the students to vote on all of the projects. In order to secure all entries, we may have to add tape or tacks to smaller projects and ties to larger projects to make sure they stay in place for voting. 


Students may work independently or with friends or family members to build their traditional scarecrow, but must work alone for grade level entries. (Individual projects made in a class or a group setting is ok, as long as the student does the artwork themselves). We are awarding the winners of each grade level category a microscope, and the winner of the traditional scarecrow will win a coding robot for the group. Everyone who participates will be given a Scarecrows for STEAM participation button.(Last year’s button shown. New design coming soon.)

Deadline to drop off large-scale scarecrows in the MPR is November 1st. Grade level entries are due in student’s classrooms by November 1st. Voting will take place on campus on Thursday, November 3rd. Make sure to tell your students to tap into their ingenuity and creativity, and to have fun! We are excited to see what our students come up with this year! 




To see last year’s winners, click here.