Things to do

Yearbook Orders and Customization Options!

Order the 2022-2023 Yearbook (Anytime before March 31st)

Click this link and either login or register as a new Treering user.

If you are prompted for a passcode, please enter 1016536853534071

Once logged in to Treering,  you will be able to select each of your child’s yearbooks and see the additional options below!



You will be able to Design 2 pages for each child’s Yearbook that will ONLY Appear in their book!  You have until March 31st to do this!


Upload your High Resolution Photos of School and Class Activites to help us have a great Assortment of Photos.  We have already created folders for each classroom and other activities such as Garden Club, Fall Festival, etc.

Follow this Link to go to straight to the Upload Photos Page


This is an optional thing you can include in your Custom Pages, digital notes sent from other friends.  You can send or request a signature to other students.   Just type the students first or last name and it will show you students that have already registered with Treering.   Then you can trade signatures, but be sure to include them in your custom pages so that they are printed in your book.


This will only appear to 6th graders and it is FREE!   Even 6th grade families who do not purchase a yearbook for themselves can log into Treering and create a FREE Dedication Ad for their 6th grade student.  You have until March 31st to finish your Ad.