We will have 5 Association meetings for 2018-2019 School Year.  At each meeting we will hear a report from the Principal and the President, review the transactions, and approve funding for upcoming programs.

September 12th – Approving our Budget, Calendar of Programs, and Audit of the Jan-June finances.

November – Adopting our Updated Bylaws.

January – Selecting our Nominating Committee

March – Election of Officers and Appointing the Budget Committee to prepare for the next year.  Approving the Audit of the July-Dec finances

May – Approving the Proposed Budget and Calendar of Programs for the next year.

Elected Officers:

President – Hosts monthly Meetings, corresponds with school staff and district PTA representatives.

Treasurer – Manages our banking accounts, handles all deposits, payments, and monthly reports.

Secretary – takes minutes at our monthly meetings and distributes at next meeting

VP of Parent Services – Serves as board liason to our various School Support Program Chairs

VP of Student Services – Serves as board liason to our various Family Event Program Chairs

VP of Ways and Means  – Serves as board liason to our various Fundraising program chairs.

Historian – records volunteer hours to keep us in good standing

Auditor – reviews financial transactions and accounts twice per year.