PTA is a member run organization.   Our bylaws instruct the elected board officers as to how to run the association with member approval at many points.   Throughout the year we will have 5 association meetings where members will review and pre-approve the actions of our board.  We highly encourage all members to attend and assist us as your feedback and ideas help us to better serve our students, parents, staff, and community. Non members are welcome to attend these public meeting as well.

We have a treasurer who carefully documents all transactions and presents reports at all of our meetings.  Our entire membership approves expenditures and has a chance to question and discuss our budget and transactions.   We also have an auditor who carefully reviews transactions and money handling procedures every 6 months.

Nominations and Elections
At our January meeting we will elect a nominating committee who will look for interested candidates for our future board positions.  Our election meeting takes place in March where nominations may also be made by any member present.  Any positions unfilled after the March meeting will be appointed by the board elect.

Budget and program planning
At our March meeting we will appoint a budget committee which will put together a proposed budget and program calendar for the upcoming year. This will be approved by our membership at our May meeting, and any revisions approved in the September meeting once the new year begins.
We often put together a wish list of programs for the new year even if we may not yet have a volunteer assigned to lead it.   While we hope new volunteers will step forward, we often have to edit the program calendar as we go if a program cannot gather enough volunteer support.  If a motivated volunteer wants to bring in an entirely new program, there is a process to have it approved by the board, membership, and principal before it can begin.

We have a secretary who records minutes of both our board and general meeting and official records of our association.

Our president presides at the board and general meetings and ensures the members have oversight and communications of board activity.  The president ensures that we are following both the rules of the school and district, as well as turning in our required  paperwork to remain a PTA in good standing with our local PTA council.