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Training Documents

Did you know, Santiago Elementary PTA has been holding regular meetings since 1974?   Today, we typically raise and spend over $50,000 per year to benefit our students.

We know that meeting motions and paperwork procedures may seem tedious, overwhelming and boring.   However, these are the foundation of allowing a group of parent volunteers with diverse backgrounds and opinions to invest fundraised money back into our school and students.    We follow the same rules and procedures that all California State PTAs are expected to follow.

Our PTA is a 501c3 nonprofit that operates independently from our school.   School Staff does not have access to our PTA bank accounts. PTA events, activities, and actions to re-invest funds into our school are entirely planned and implemented by volunteers.   Without volunteers to take board positions, our PTA would disband and our school would need to depend solely on district funds and small directed donations.  

Group Decision Making and Transparency ensures that

  • Everyone has the opportunity to participate in discussions and vote
  • We always have record of the decisions that were made
  • We all review each others reports and make recommendations to improve procedures
  • New members learn as they go while experienced officers demonstrate proper procedures
  • The entire board is responsible for completing the Board Duties
  • No one person is responsible for the success or failure of our PTA
  • No one person can remove money from the account without approval
  • Program decisions belong to the Program chair
  • All on-campus activities are approved by the Principal

Every member should:

  • Attend Association Meetings when available (We only have 5 per year)
    • September, November, January, March, May
  • Consider being a board member, project chair, or on a special committee
    • Audit Review Committee
    • Bylaws Update Committee
    • Budget Committee
    • Nominating Committee
    • Website/Social Media Team

Executive Board


Vice President and Project Chair Training


Additional Training Materials (Higher levels of PTA often hold training workshops/events)

  • CAPTA Detailed Job Descriptions
  • SVPTA Council Website – Every Board Officer has an advisor at the Saddleback Valley level PTA council.
  • 4th District – The Orange County District level of PTA
  • CAPTA Website – The California State level of PTA
  • – National PTA
  • CAPTA Toolkit – a 440 page PDF file with all rules and recommendations on following procedure, regardless of if your PTA has 20 members or 2000.
  • Facebook PTO/PTA Leaders Group – not affiliated with CAPTA, but a great group to join to share strategies and struggles with other PTA volunteers.
  • Training Videos – Recordings of past Training zoom sessions from 4th district