Due to many spam and phishing attempts, we are no longer providing email contacts for all officers on this page. for any inquiry, please contact: info@santiagopta.com

Executive Board Members

President Liz Gibson
1st VP Student Services* Kimi Hernandez
2nd VP Parent Services** Magali Brito
3rd VP Ways and Means** AVAILABLE
Secretary Lisa Oh
Treasurer Charlene Kramer
Auditor Dawn Baggs
Historian Jenny Little-Skonezny 
Parliamentarian Derek Barraza
Principal Representative Howard Johnston
Teacher Representative  Nissa Menke
Teacher Representative Sylvia Brown
Teacher Representative Catherine Scanlon

Non-board Chair Positions

Membership Chair Derek Barraza
Communications AVAILABLE
STEAM/Educational Programs Liz Gibson

Student Services Programs

Picture Days Darlene Reyes
Yearbook Orders Charlene Kramer
Staff Appreciation Week Kimi Hernandez & Yvette Tepper
Campus Improvements AVAILABLE
First Day Packets Charlene Kramer
Staff Potlucks AVAILABLE
STEAM Rises Up Liz Gibson

Parent Services Programs

Ice Cream Social AVAILABLE
Fall Festival Liz Gibson
Bagels with a Loved One Magali Molina
Glow Party Darlene Reyes
Insurance Waivers Darlene Reyes
Room Parent Liaison Lisa Oh
Dad’s Club Derek Barraza

Ways and Means Programs

Donation Requests Kimi Hernandez and Liz Gibson
Restaurant Nights Akshata Ferrasci
Book Fair Michelle Buessing
Valentine Grams AVAILABLE
Painless Fundraising AVAILABLE
Jog-A-Thon Charlene Kramer
Pumpkin City Christie Israel
Raise Craze Liz Gibson

STEAM/Educational Programs

Red Ribbon Week Jenny Little-Skonezny
Assemblies AVAILABLE
Corporate Outreach AVAILABLE
Virtual Field Trips & Demonstrations   Liz Gibson

Communications Team

Social Media AVAILABLE
Website Charlene Kramer and Liz Gibson

Garden Club

Committee Chair Stacie Aguesse
Teacher Advisor Nissa Menke
Coordinator Liz Gibson