Amazon Smile

Shop using Amazon Smile and our PTA will receive a percentage back!  You will need to access Amazon through anytime you want your purchases to count.  Use this link to set your charity to Santiago PTA:


Box Tops

Last year redeeming Box Tops provided $1600 in funds for our school! Keep up the good work! The PTA runs collection contests in Sept and February – start saving up!



Once registered, enter your phone # or use rewards card at checkout. You MUST ENROLL/RE-ENROLL EVERY YEAR AFTER SEPTEMBER 1st at Select: Community => Community Contribution, and scroll down to Participant for enrollment instructions for new accounts & re-registration. Santiago code NPO=80010


Communities for Cause

Download the Mobile App. View a map of local restaurants and services which have pledged to give a percentage back to organizations.  Select Santiago PTA as your Organization.  submit a photos of your receipt through the app to redeem.   There is also an online marketplace at


Clothing and Shoe Donations

A Community of Change collection bin is located in the Santiago Parking Lot. They repurpose used clothing, shoes, and household textiles for needy individuals and also recycle as an environmentally friendly focus. Clean out your closets; they accept items like sheets, towels, and stuffed animals – even if they are ripped and stained! Santiago receives money for every pound of clothing and textiles donated.